Gas reducing and metering stations


Reducing of pressure and metering the volume of natural gas delivered to consumers of various levels:

  • gas supply systems of rural and urban settlements;
  • utility and household buildings;
  • industrial and agricultural facilities.

Configuration options:

Depending on the maximum gas flow rate, it is en enclosure (Modular gas regulation station Turbo Block) or cabinet (Cabinet gas regulation station Turbo Box), ensuring protection of the gas metering station and other equipment installed inside the block (cabinet). All blocks have vandal protection:

Modular gas regulation station Turbo Block Cabinet gas regulation station Turbo Box

According to schematic layout, blocks are subdivided into the following configurations:

  • With one reducing line;
  • With one reducing line and bypass;
  • With the main and standby reducing lines;
  • With two and more reducing lines.



Blocks (cabinets) are equipped with one of the types of flowmeters manufactured by our plant:

Flowmeter type Measuring principle
TurboFlowTFG Hot-wire
Turbo Flow GFG Jet
Turbo Flow UFG Ultrasonic

Completing of the block (cabinet) with a meter, produced by our plant, allows for reducing delivery time and increasing the reliability of the gas metering station as an integral article.

Upon customer’s demand, the block can be completed with any type of flowmeter and a set of additional options:

  • Bypass to the meter;
  • Bypass to the reducing line;
  • Heating: Gas water heaters, gas convector, electric heater;
  • A meter of gas flow rate for the auxiliaries;
  • Autonomous configuration of block (cabinet) at absence of electric power supply;
  • A telemetry unit for data transmission to the Automatic Commercial Gas Metering System;
  • A separate section for telemetry and unit heaters;
  • Alarm: fire, intruder;
  • Electric meter;
  • Complete with fire extinguishers.


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